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Wine City 2019

“Cidade do Vinho 2019” (Wine City 2019)
Promoted by the “Associação de Municípios Portugueses do Vinho” (Association of Portuguese Wine Municipalities), since 2009, this project has the objective of making people appreciate the richness, diversity and common features of the areas connected to the wine culture and all its influences on society, landscape, economy, gastronomy and heritage.
For the first time a city in Douro was chosen and Peso da Régua, which had already been awarded the title of International City of the Vine and Wine in 1987, was awarded this new title that reinforces its image as historical representative of the Douro region.
The initiative “Cidade do Vinho 2019” (Wine City 2019) implies the conception of an annual programme of cultural, educational and awareness actions linked with the wine, with national visibility, that enables to explore the unique features of Peso da Régua, bearing in mind criteria such as the reinforcement of the sensitivity to the wine culture and traditions, the mobilisation and engagement of the community and the strengthening of the bonds with the region and all the portuguese wine areas. Its vast plan of activities gathers history, tradition, innovation and dynamism spread along the whole year of 2019 trying to bring the City and the Region a major flow of tourist demand, leading to the public notoriety and recognition of the brand “Douro" in the country and in the world.
AMPV Associação de Municípios Portugueses do Vinho (Association of Portuguese Wine Municipalities)
The “Associação de Munícipios Portugueses do Vinho – AMPV” (Association of Portuguese Wine Municipalities) was created on 30th April 2017 and presents itself as representative of all the municipalities with strong winemaking tradition.
It develops actions and activities of common interest to all the local, national and european member municipalities and its purpose is the affirmation of the historical-cultural, patrimonial, economic and social identity of the portuguese municipalities and areas connected to the production of quality wines. The promotion of the endogenous potential of the areas whose economy, culture and historical identity are strongly merged with the wine is amongst its key purposes.
Although pretty recent, this association, created on 30th April 2017, plays a truly important role, as it represents all the municipalities with strong winemaking tradition. It promotes not only their identity, making known their historical-cultural and social heritage, but also their potential.
RECEVIN – Net of European Wine Cities
RECEVIN is an organisation that acts in unison to pursue the interests of the local european administrations connected to the wine, providing, at the same time, a common platform to exchange experiences, contacts and partnerships, making known the worries and needs of the wine-producing areas and increasing the European wine cities’ role.
RECEVIN has the support of National Wine Associations from most of the 11 member countries of this net (Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Serbia), which makes a group of 800 european cities.